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The Four Kabompo Fools
Fri., December 20, 2011
Death of a General | African Wanderlust | Buckley's Chance | The Four Kabompo Fools

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What happens when a rafting trip goes wrong?

The Four Kabompo Fools

Can four guys survive a raging river and the African bush?

It all started out as a lazy Sunday afternoon float down the river.. but when the four friends find themselves drifting into a pod of angry hippos, things soon start to go wrong. When they hear the sound of an approaching waterfall.. the four friends soon turn into the Four Kabompo Fools. Caught in the Congo rebellion, they're shot at, chased by wild elephants, snakes, and smugglers. When they don't show up on time, their wives and sweethearts don't even know where to start looking for them. A scary, funny, frightening story of danger in the African bush.



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