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Buckley's Chance
Fri., February 26, 2010
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By a Twist of Fate
A man is in a coma
and someone needs a heart transplant
When is he Legally Dead?

Buckley's Chance

Can they take your heart without asking?

How much does chance play in our lives? Why do we find ourselves in situations that we should have avoided? What gives some people a better chance than others? When circumstances collide, what happens to chance? When Alex Langley vanishes, what chance do the Police and his family have to find him?

When a man is brought in to emergency with life threatening injuries, what chance do the surgeons have to keep him alive? When he's had massive head injuries, when he's been in a coma for weeks, when the doctors think he might be brain dead... but he can still hear them, what chance does he have? What is it like to be a prisoner who can't communicate? What will happen when the doctors need a heart, and they want to take his? When a choice has to be made, what chance does Alex Langley have? Can they take a heart without asking?



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Buckley's Chance


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