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In response to: 13 May 2012 12:47:00 PM AEST

Comment from: val larson  
val larson

Surprise!! Dan and I are quite ecstatic that you have made it thus far, can’t wait for you to sight land! Hope the weather co-operates from now on, and you can enjoy the last leg of your epic journey. It is going to take something special to beat this experience, eh? Love you, Val and Dan

05/14/12 @ 04:28 pm

In response to: 11 May 2012 4:09:00 AM AEST

Comment from: JV  

Good Luck and Stay Safe

05/11/12 @ 05:57 am

In response to: 6 May 2012 3:38:00 AM AEST

Comment from: val larson  
val larson

Hope you are still hanging in there, and the seas have calmed down a bit. Let us know! Love, Val

05/07/12 @ 02:50 am

In response to: 26 April 2012 10:41:00 AM AEST

Comment from: val larson  
val larson

Hang in there, skipper!! It can only get better.

04/26/12 @ 08:59 pm

In response to: 19 April 2012 2:57:00 PM AEST

Comment from: Harry Kerr  
Harry Kerr

Hi Andy. This is Dan’s friend in Campbell River that met you there. Hope you are through the doldrums soon and flying along. Just was over to
Dan and Val’s for dinner and followed your log. Looking forward to the tales of the wind in the aft
quarter and 100.+mile days with the sun warming and drying

04/20/12 @ 05:44 am

In response to: 14 April 2012 1:01:00 PM AEST

Comment from: Marta and Dennis Jensen SV Reunion
Marta and Dennis Jensen SV Reunion

So happy for you. You really have persevered….I’d be in the nearest island but you are doing great! Hope the SE trades treat you right! We are waiting for window to go to La Paz. And glad you have ice!!! Yes!
Marta and Dennis

04/15/12 @ 01:47 am
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