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Fri., February 26, 2010
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That photo is from Africa
..45 years ago
My current face is
the one on the bottom of the other pages
Minus the beard

First Book

Now I am retired, living alone, and writing.

In 1964 when that photo was taken in Omdurman, I was leaving Africa after two years, and was on my way to Hong Kong, and Asia, where I was to live for nearly 25 years, before moving to Australia. In Africa, I was a newspaper reporter, free lance writer and photographer, and an advertising man.

Before I left Canada during the time of the Cuban missile crisis, I was working as a writer in Canadian television, and also had a regular newspaper column. Before getting into broadcasting, I had started work as a railroad morse telegrapher. I'm probably one of the few morse operators left in the world.

In Asia, I continued writing, my first book published was a guide book to the Suzie Wong bars in Hong Kong. After being transferred to Malaysia in 1968, I served as the President of the 4A's in Singapore and Malaysia, and became the Founding President of the independent Malaysian body. The 4A's is the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents. In 1975 I became hooked on computers, purchased computer number 25 in Malaysia, and eventually computerised a large part of the rubber and oil palm industry, in addition to starting the first 16 and 32 bit computer manufacture in Malaysia. Later I travelled Asia helping manufacturers with technology transfers.

In Australia I led a team setting up large communication networks, eventually starting my own satellite distance education television network. Having finally retired, I am now able to go back to my first love, writing.

In this past year, I have completed three manuscripts, and am well into number four.

African Wanderlust chronicles my time in Africa.

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