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Death of a General

Fri., February 26, 2010
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One Man Assassin Mission Behind Enemy Lines In Borneo!

As World War 2 was drawing to a close, Australia's secret commando unit, 'Z Special Force', had bungled a number of operations trying to rescue 2,500 Australian and English prisoners of war held by the Japanese in North Borneo. At war's end, only 6 of those prisoners would survive.

When the Commanders of 'Z Special Force' realized that they were too late to save any of the prisoners, in a last desperate act of bitter frustration, they dispatched agents behind enemy lines by US submarines to assassinate the Japanese commanders in Borneo.

Kept secret from the Australian public for over 50 years, the story of how the rescue missions failed, and how the lives of commandos were risked in a desperate attempt at revenge, 'Death of a General' reveals the truth behind the events leading up to the final desperate operation.

'Death of a General' is based solidly on fact, but because of the oath of secrecy taken by members of this unit, details of the battles and missions, and names of those involved have been fictionalized.

The story follows one man, from his experiences in the battles on the Kokoda Trail, through his induction into 'Z Special Force', and his numerous missions behind enemy lines.


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Salvation Army Chaplain lights a fag for a wounded Kokoda soldier

Young soldiers 2/14th Battalion
Bren Gun

Bren Gun on Kokoda Trail

US Submarine entering Fremantle

USS Hawkbill Capt Scanland and Admiral Fife - Fremantle

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